The Moody Blues - Ray Thomas

Ray Thomas

Date of Birth: 29 December 1941
Birth Place: Stourport On Severn
Education: Paget Road, Secondary Modern School.
Hight: 5ft 11in
Colour of Eyes Hazel
Car: Datsun
Favourite Food: French
Drink: Scotch & Coke
Films: Zulu
Car: Rolls-Royce, Jaguar.
Band: "The Moody Blues"
Singer: Neil Diamond
City: London
Country: England
Colour: Green
Writer: Handel
Special Likes: Heavy Snow
Dislikes: Paying Tax
Hobbies: Fishing, (I have a lake in my garden) My boat, "Myfanwy"
Ambition: To continue writing music
Pets: Welsh Springer Spaniel called "Taran"
Former Occupation: Engineer

Ray started as an engineer, clocking in and working in factories. The Moody Blues came into being as the M & B Five, Mitchell & Butler Breweries were going to sponser a band with the initials M & B, but they didn't so the band received no money.
Ray formed the Moody Blues and is a lover of Symphonic sound as well as rock 'n' roll, Ray's solid voice provides the Moody Blues harmonies with a melodic middle while his flute is nothing short of haunting.
Ray is his own biggest critic and he says 'I have to live with me and play for myself'.

Compositions for the Moodies include:-