The Moody Blues - Mike Pinder

Mike Pinder

Date of Birth: 27 December 1941
Birth Place: Birmingham, England

Mike Pinder was one of the original founding members of the Moody Blues. Mike was still with the band when the reunited in 1978 and released the album Octave, but did not want to tour any longer and left the group shortly thereafter. He was replaced by Patrick Moraz for the tour.

During Mike's years with the Moody Blues he pioneered the use of the Mellotron, an electronic device that pre-dates todays modern synthesizers. This device allowed Mike to create many of the special sounds and effects that make some of the earlier Moodies albums so unique. The Mellotron was a keyboard that used a set of prerecorded tape loops in which each tape was located beneath a different key on the keyboard. Pressing a key on the keyboard brought that particular play-head into contact with the tape and caused the loop to play, releasing the key caused the loop to rewind.

Compositions for the Moodies include: