John Lodge

Date of Birth: 20 July 1945
Birth Place: Birmingham
Education: Birches Green Grammar School & Birmingham College of Ad. Tech.
Hight: 6ft 1in
Colour of: Eyes - Green
  Hair - Fair
Car: Datsun
Favourite Food: Indian, Chinese, Japanese.
Drink: Wine, Champagne.
Films: Kelly's Heroes... The Big Easy... Angel Heart.
Car: Lincoln, Morgan, Rolls, Mercedes.
Band: "Rock 'n' Rollers"
Singer: Too many to give a special mention.
City: London, New York, Paris, Rome, Los Angeles.
Country: England
Colour: Red
Writer: T. S. Elliot
Special Likes: Music, Boats, Tennis, Golf.
Hobbies: My Family, Music, Boats and Sunshine, Tennis, Golf
Ambition: To have an attempt at completing any ambitions I may have...
Pets: West Highland Terrier, "Frostie" (Yes - He's White)
Former Occupation: Engineering Student

John made his first tentative steps into the business world via the production 
department of a Birmingham engineering company who supplied Night Storage Heaters, 
but his love of Rock 'n' Roll music and his participation in a local band 
'El Riot & The Rebels' led him enevitably to becoming a full-time musician. 
John is a musician who has always placed an emphasis on playing live and believes
 that the groups stage performances have been the key factor in keeping the groups
 unity and sense of purpose.

Compositions for the Moodies include:-