Graeme Edge

Date of Birth: 30 March 1941
Birth Place: Rochester, Staffs.
Education: Yes !
Colour of: Eyes - Red
  Hair - Salt & Pepper
Car: Datsun
Favourite Food: Curry
Drink: Beer
Films: E.T.
Car: None
Band: Sally Army
Singer: Phil Collins
City: Los Angeles
Country: England
Colour: Red
Writer: T. S. Elliot
Special Likes: Pretty Girls and Temperatues over 70F
Dislikes: Temperatures under 70F
Hobbies: Sailing, Drinking and Microlight Flying
Pets: 2 Wives, 2 Children and 1 Dog
Instruments Played: Drums, Tymphani, Linn Drums
Former Occupation: Draughtsman

Graeme is from a family of five generations on the stage. He finished school at his father's insistance but after getting his degrees quickly went into music full tilt. He never started out to be a drummer, he was in fact, the Manager of a group called the BLUE RHYTHM BAND. In those days a Manager of the group was somebody who could move the equipment about and had a house big enough for the band to practice in. Graeme always watched the drummers in the groups and fooled around on them, but never really drummed professionally until the drummer of his group quit and Graeme had to fill in. He played with the group for three weeks until a replacement was found, he then bought is own kit and went to work in earnest. He worked with group's around Birmingham until in Graeme's own words "Ray and Mike came over and asked me to join them as they needed someone to cover their more obvious faults"...

A lover of all rhythms, Graeme became particularly enamoured for the Salsa and Reggae beats when he visited the Caribbean. Graeme had sailed there on his 70ft sloop, crossing the Atlantic. Now a landlubber he drums with a precision beat while spicing the Moodie's sound with a wide range of percussive instruments.

Compositions for the Moodies include:-